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New Haven Trackside Morning Sun 29.95 New
Western Pacific Trackside Morning Sun 29.95 New
Articulated Steam Locomotives Of N. America (LeMassena) Sundance Pub. 59.95 Like New
Santa Fe Trackside Morning Sun 29.95 New
New Haven Trackside Morning Sun 29.95 New
The New Haven Railroad in the McGinnis Era White River Prod. 29.95 New
Southern Railway in color Morning Sun 29.95 New
Santa Fe  Volume 4: Texas-El Capitan  1940-1971 Morning Sun 29.95 Like New
New York Central's Wet. Div. Trackside 1949-1955 Morning Sun 29.95 New
Union Pacific Steam in color Morning Sun 29.95 New
Central Vermont Railway  Volume VII 1981-1995 The New England Press 29.95 Like New
Decade of the Trains  the 1940's (Don Ball) N.Y. Graphic Society 29.95 Like New
Chicago And North Western Power  1900- 1971  (Dorin) Superior Pub. Co. 29.95 Like New
Under The Pennsy Wires Morning Sun 29.95 New
Rolling Thunder A Portrait Of N. Amer. Railroading  (Benson) W.W. Norton & Co. 29.95 Like New
Passenger Alcos In Color Morning Sun 29.95 New
Chesapeake & Ohio  Color Pictorial  Volume I  (Stegmaier) Four Ways West 29.95 Like New
Chesapeake & Ohio Color Guide To Freight & Pass. Equip. Morning Sun 29.95 Like New
Chesapeake & Ohio In The Coal Fields  (Dixon) Walsworth Pub. 29.95 Like New
Union Pacific Trackside Morning Sun 29.95 New
Union Pacific  Official Color Photography  Book II Morning Sun 29.95 New
Chesapeake &  Ohio in Color 1950-1975    (Dixon) T.L.C. Pub. 29.95 Like New
Chesapeake & Ohio  Super Power To Diesels (Dixon) Carstens Pub. 29.95 Very Good +
Railroads Of Arizona  Volume I the southern roads (Myrick) Howell-North 29.95 Excellent
Potrait Of The Rails  ( Don Ball) N.Y. Graphic Society 29.95 Good +
North American Locomotives   1830-present (Hollingsworth) Cresent 29.95 Very Good +
The Great Northern Railway A Pictorial Study   (Wood) Pacific Fastmail 79.95 Excellent
Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives  (Lavallee) Railfare 49.95 Excellent
British Columbia Railway   (Garden) Footprint 39.95 Excellent
Rio Grande  To The Pacific    (LeMassena) Sundance Pub. 49.95 Like New
The Locomotives That Baldwin Built  (Westing) Bonanza 29.95 Excellent
Lines West  (Wood) Superior Pub. Co. 29.95 Excellent
Illustrated Treasury Of The American Locomotive Company Delta 49.95 Excellent
Lima  - The  History    (Hirsimaki) Hundman 49.95 Excellent
Rails in The Mother Lode   (Wolf) Darwin 49.95 Excellent
The Willamette Locomotive    (Hauff & Gertz) Binford & Mort 98.95 Excellent
Pacific Coast Shay  (Ranger) Pacific Railroad 49.95 Very Good +
West Side  -  Narrow Gauge In Sierra     (Ferrell) Pacific Fastmail 79.95 Excellent
Rayonier - Northwest Loggers  Volume I  (Spencer) Darwin 79.95 Excellent
The Illinois Central Railroad Story     (Lind) Transport History Press 39.95 Excellent
Chicago & Illinois Midland (Wallin, Stringham & Szwajkart) Golden West 39.95 Excellent
The Missabe Road  (King) Golden West 39.95 Excellent
Green Bay & Western  (Mailer) Hundman 39.95 Excellent
The Pennsylvania Railroad  1940's-1950's   ( Don Ball Jr.) Elm Tree 39.95 Excellent
The American Railroad Passenger Car (White Jr.)  699 pages John Hopkins Press 79.95 Excellent
Legendary  Lionel Trains Qual. Books 19.95 Excellent
Lionel Trains  1945-1969 Vol. VI Accessories             "hard cover" Greenberg 39.95 Excellent
Lionel Trains 1970-1997 Vol.III Accessories               "soft cover" Greenberg 24.95 Excellent
Lionel Trains  1900-1942   (Doyle)   398 pages           "soft cover" Kp Books 24.95 New
Lionel Trains  1945-1969   (Doyle)   400 pages            "soft cover" KP Books 24.95 New
Steel  - The History,Making and Modeling        (Freyag) Walthers 19.95 Excellent
Colorado's  Mountain Railroads               (LeMassena) Sundance Pub. 39.95 Excellent
The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad 1869-1969  (Beaver) Golden West 29.95 Excellent
Chicago Trackside   1957-1965               ( Speir) Morning Sun 29.95 New
Michigan  Trackside                             ( Gulash) Morning Sun 29.95 New
Lionel Train Book  how to build and oper.your model RR MBI 29.95 New.
Corgi Toys    (paper back) Schiffer 9.95 Excellent
Lionel's  Model Builder   from the magazine Qual. books 9.95 Excellent
Alcos  Northeast  1969-2006 Railroad Explorer 29.95 New
Pennsy Power  III    1847-1968                    A. Staufer A. Staufer 69.95 Excellent
Great Northern     Steam and Electric        D.H.Hickcox Morning sun 29.95 New
Diesel Locomotives   The First 50 Years  before 1972        L.A.Marre Kalmbach 22.95 New
Guide To North American Steam Locomotives            H. Drury Kalmbach 22.95 New
New York Harbor Railroads  in color  VI                  T.R. Flagg Morning Sun 29.95 Excellent
Chesapeake & Ohio RR  in color VII ( J.F.Plant & W.G. McClure III ) Morning Sun 29.95 New
New York Central's  Later Power  1910-1968            A. Staufer A. Staufer 69.95 Excellent
Last Of The 3 Foot Loggers                                 A. Krieg Golden West 98.95 Excellent
New York Central  Steam Power  Modern Power I  1915-1955 A.Staufer 49.95 Excellent
New York Central System  "Gone But Not Forgotten" Cavanaugh N.J. International 49.95 Excellent
Grand Trunk Western-Evening Before The Diesel            C.R.Foss Pruett 89.95 Excellent
The Pennsylvania Railroad                               E.P.Alexander Norton & Co 39.95 Very Good +
 Popular Picture &Plan Book of RR Cars& Locomotives   Lucas Simmons-Boardman 49.95 Good +
Canadian Pacific Railway                                 P.C. Doran Superior Pub. Co. 39.95 Very Good +
The Pennsylvania Railroad  1940-1950            Don Ball Jr Norton & Co 79.95 Excellent
C&O  Power  Steam & Diesel  1900-1965         A. Staufer A. Staufer 59.95 Very Good +
Grand Trunk Western  in color                      J.A.Pinkepank Morning Sun 29.95 New
Articulated  Steam Locomotives Of N. Amer.  VII        R.A.Massena Sundance Pub. 59.95 Excellent +
America's Railroads  the second generation        Don Ball Bonanza 69.95 Excellent
Cajon    A Pictorial Album                               C. Walker Trans-Anglo 49.95 Excellent
Union Pac. Official  Color Photography book I  LeMassena/Yanosey Morning Sun 29.95 Excellent
Classic Freight Cars V 10 (paper back)             Maywald H & M Prod. 29.95 Excellent
Classic Freight Cars V 5 (paper back)             Yurko H. &.M. Prod. 29.95 Excellent
Cabooses Of North America (paper back)            Bradley Bradley 29.95 Excellent
Cabins,Crummies & Hacks  V1   (paper back)       Henderson H. & M . Prod. 29.95 Excellent
Cabins,Crummies & Hacks  V2  (paper back)       Henderson H. & M . Prod. 29.95 Excellent
Cabins,Crummies & Hacks  V3 (paper back)       Henderson H. & M . Prod. 29.95 Excellent
Cabins,Crummies & Hacks  V4  (paper back)      Henderson H. & M . Prod. 29.95 Excellent
Steam & Thunder In The Timber-                     signed by M. Koch  World Press 249.95 Excellent
The Shay Locomotive- Titan Of The Timber        signed by M.Koch World Press 249.95 Excellent
Railroads In America                                       O.Jensen Bonanza 29.95 Very Good
Heisler Locomotives (paper back)  1973    32 pages Pacific Fast Mail 29.95 Excellent
Railroad Work Equipment  (paper bback)                      R.Wayner Wayner 29.95  
K-Line   Collector's Guide  VI 1985-1998                  29.95 New
Railroading Along The Waterfront                 Walthers    Walthers 29.95 Excellent
Chicago   Trackside   1957-1965                    E.M. DeRouin Morning Sun 29.95 Excellent +
Steam's Finest Hour                                    D.P.Morgan Kalmbach 49.95 Very Good
Model Builders  Handbook  by The Lionel Corp.  1941 Lionel 39.95 Very Good +
America's Colorful  Railroads                                  Don Ball Bonanza 49.95 Excellent
Railroads  An American Journey                             Don Ball Bonanza 49.95 Very Good
Santa Fe   Trackside                                      L.Stagner Morning Sun 29.95 Excellent
Trains Of America                                          D.Heimburger Heimburger 49.95 Excellent
The Railroad    Santa Fe System Lines  (paper back)   1954 Neely 29.95 Excellent
Railroads At Work  (paper back)  Assoc.of Amer. RR  1954   19.95 Good +
M of W  Equipment   of N. American           J.T.Bradley Bradley 19.95 Excellent
Logging Railroads of the West                    Adams Bonanza 39.95 Good +
The History Of The Canadian National      MacKenzie             Bonanza 19.95 V. Good